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Becoming an Architect & how to stand out by focusing environmental & energy efficiencies Farah Doin’ Girly Things

  1. Becoming an Architect & how to stand out by focusing environmental & energy efficiencies Farah
  2. Update on quitting my job, my new job in building automation & getting sober, solo episode with Podcast Host Megan
  3. Advice for women who want to start their own construction company, Coralee
  4. How to become an Electrician as a second career, Darci
  5. Need an extra hand try using a Tailhand. How to get the most use out of your work truck with CEO Suzie

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The Podcast

Making engineering, construction and trades careers seem like girly things that every girl should consider just as equally any other career option. This podcast is a combination of industry updates as well as personal stories for people in the field. Join us every other week!

Where to find

Highlighting women in the construction fields this podcast can be found on Spotify or Apple Podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe. If you would like to reach out to be on the podcast please complete the contact form below.

The Host

A Midwesterner now living in Oregon she has taken her love for audio editing and website design and turned it into a podcast. Started in January 2021, Doin’ Girly Things is a bimonthly podcast. The host is a project manager full time building the internet.

Meet the Host

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