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#DoinGirlyThings What does anchoring mean in negotiating a pay raise? Shit Adults Never Taught Us with Author Natasha Doin’ Girly Things

  1. #DoinGirlyThings What does anchoring mean in negotiating a pay raise? Shit Adults Never Taught Us with Author Natasha
  2. #DoinGirlyThings What is a Systems Engineer? Andrea working with robotics and manufacturing
  3. #SpaceFarming The first fruit at the ISS! Join NASA Scientist and learn how you can join the Space Chile Grow A Pepper Challenge
  4. #DoinGirlyThings Making technical cartoons with an engineering degree, Generators with Diane
  5. #DoinGirlyThings From being underpaid to 6-figures: advice for negotiating the salary you want, Kimberly

Posting new podcasts every 2 weeks starting in January. See you then!

The Podcast

Making engineering, construction and mathematical careers seem like girly things that every girl should consider just as equally any other career option. This podcast highlights what engineering male OR female do every day at work. A combination of humor, gossip and intellectual conversation with women and men advocates in the field. Join us every other week!

This Season

Highlighting women who have utilized their degrees from Purdue University from variety of ages and majors and , what advice they have for encouragement to the younger generation. We’ll be chatting about topics from first of internship to change career paths to the

The Host

A passionate and quirky girl raised in the Midwest now living in Oregon she has taken her love for audio editing and website design and turned it into a podcast. In college Megan was the president of Women in Technology and has always been passionate for breaking down the barriers for women in STEM. Many of the women for the first season will come from connections she made at college.

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