About Us

This collaboration of two young travelers who hope to make other people’s experience aboard and in the states more enjoyable.Both Sydney and Megan are best friends who live in two completely different locations which will help to make the blog as diverse as possible. Enjoy!


Sydney’s focus is on art and history experiences.

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Megan’s pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology at Purdue University. She has a strong interest in improving efficiency in buildings and motors and renewable energy. She has hopes of getting her masters through Purdue as well doing research on improving the universities efficiency an creating a more sustainable environment. A lot of her travel is focus on hiking, breweries and enjoying local food. At home Megan practices vegetarianism but on the road to get the most out of culture she does enjoy authentic food. Megan has used many blogs for her own trips and finds them very helpful. She would like for other people traveling to find that same help and this is how she plans to do it.

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