DGT Podcast: Being a Minority in Construction

minority in construction puerto rican wearing a black sweater from the podcast doin girly things

Bonus Episode: Minority in Construction: What do white women and black men have in common?

A bonus conversation with my good friend Robert manager and a minority in construction on what issues he’s faced being Puerto Rican in an all white environment. The podcast explores the topic or race and how women and minorities can work together to create a more inclusive culture. Special thank you to Roberto who was vulnerable and helped start the podcasts. Listen to my first recording ever!

Did you say hair products? Roberto being a minority and hair choices

In this episode we focus on what can white women and male minorities do to work together in the fight for equality instead of against each other. Often time these two minorities are pinned against each other and increasing the marginalization for one group.

Robert is a project manager who is moving to DC at the start of the new year.In this podcast we highlight on the experiences of being the token black person with the lush curls. Listen to Robert’s product tips on how to keep the curls looking good.

Due to technical difficulties the second half of our recording was lost. Mainly we missed Roberts book suggests for how to become more involved. Please look at them below!

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What is the percentage of minority’s in construction?

For 2020, the percentage of minority in construction was 15%

What is the percentage of women in construction?

For 2020, the percentage of women in construction was 14%. In 2018, there were only 9%.

How old is the construction workforce?

Roughly 40% of the construction workforce is 45 years or older

What is the percentage of the workforce is construction?

There is 7.5 million people in the construction workforce and 5% of the labor economy.

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