From Blog to Podcast

From Passionatelycuriostravels Blog to DoinGirlyThings Podcast

Whatever brought you to this blog, I welcome you. This website has gone from a personal account of cross country travels under PassionatelyCuriousTravels to now becoming a podcast under the name DoinGirlyThings. Since I’ve been been younger I’ve had a passion for audio and editing clips and an appreciation for blogs. I’ve been recording my traveling adventures on this blog since 2015! During the last couple years I’ve had several podcast ideas but never felt as passionately about any of them as this idea. A book by Elizabeth Gilbert called Big Magic highlights that if you don’t execute on a creative idea that it will leave you and go to someone else. That is how I’ve felt as I’ve resisted the urge to start a podcast. After years of ideas coming and going I’ve finally decided to start a podcast to share with everyone!

What equipment am I using?

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