DGT Podcast: STEM, Behind the Scenes of Engineering

First Episode: Learn Why Doin’ Girly Things was Created & The Power of Morning Routine

The Host, Megan and her friend Kara are female engineers and passionate about making engineering a girly thing to do. Listen to this new STEM podcast highlighting challenges, career opportunities to connect with others in the field. This episode is two females in engineering discuss what it was like a day in the life of making toilet paper. Where they met and it sparked a forever friendship!

On this episode two engineers will dive into what its like to be a Women in STEM and wearing men’s clothing. Finding people that support you is a major theme these two share as an important pillar to success. And STEM is for everyone and needs women just like you! You can find this STEM focused podcast on Spotify or Apply Podcast.

In the episode Megan discusses the story of where the podcast got its name and all the funny stories behind the title and telling coworkers, “Off to go do girly things.” She started this podcast to engage the community to talk about the struggles as well as authentically laugh side by side. The aim of the women STEM podcast is to redefine STEM and make it a girly thing to do.

The future of STEM

Above all, the future of STEM is having more women involved. One of the best ways to do that is to change the mindset and stereotypes that prevent other women from entering the field. Megan is a project manager on a construction site and loves to wear a hardhat. STEM doesn’t always have to be focused around math and crunching numbers. This podcast aims to take down the boarders that try to define women as femme or stem.

Lastly, the first season of this STEM and Engineering podcast is focusing on a Purdue a top rated engineering college located in the Midwest. This podcast aims to connect different women all graduating from the same engineering college to gain aspects on all career paths that are possible with STEM.

From the podcast

One of the best self help books if you don’t know where to start: How to Be Fine https://amzn.to/39ftULsT

The journaling method that the Host uses: Bullet Journal Book: https://amzn.to/3pjPuEm

Do you want to play with a friend and get these journal prompts? Best Self Cards: https://amzn.to/3ohXV1I

At the end of the podcast journal prompt: What do people say you can’t do, that you could if you really tried?

Read about the first podcast and Minority in Construction.

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women  in stem engineer wearing a necklace with a red christmas dress and black coat
Check out the necklace that Kara made with her 3D printer

FAQ about STEM

What does STEM stand for?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The term is used to describe career paths such as designers, doctors and architects.

Where is the best Women Engineering College?

Purdue University

What does it mean to be a project manager?

A project manager at a construction site focuses on schedule of the project is delivered in time and under budget. Typical day activities include tracking material, coordination meetings and meeting owner and engineers about field or documentation issues.

How to become a project manager?

Project managers work in an engineering or a technical sales role first. Project managers don’t have to go to school for a special degree but having a business or engineering degree is preferred.

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