Indoor gardening: A beginners guide, turn your greenhouse cemetery into a jungle

Indoor gardening has been my life savor in 2021. But what’s the one word for 2021?

Growth. Plant Growth. Mindset Growth. Booty Growth. Recently I moved to Portland and experienced levels of growth that were unexpected. In short, I got dumped. Hard. Like the word dumped is putting it lightly. I quickly turned my shattered heart into growth. I began to research how I could turn my lovely PNW apartment into an urban jungle. The indoor gardener in me is excited for all the plants. I started a podcast. Your life will be enriched by subscribing and listening to Doin’GirlyThings podcast.

What is plant growth?

With the help of a grow light in my window I’ll be growing Chile Pepper plants for a research project in collaboration with NASA! This research is focused on indoor gardening and helping to gain data to grow plants in space. Take a look at the Facebook group.

Another goal of mine for 2021 is to grow salsa through indoor gardening. You might be asking yourself why? Well, if you’re asking yourself that you are not on the invite list for my taco party. I want to prove that regardless the size of you apartment that if your heart is in the mindset to grow, you can do it. Even in the most unlikely place you will be able to grow a whole bowl of salsa.

My Indoor Gardening Tools

Nothing really special. I try to reuse all my food containers to plant. Take-out containers with lids made for great habitats to start plants because they keep in the moisture.

Seed starter pods – https://amzn.to/3tJw5PE

NASA approved fertilizer – https://amzn.to/3qisshy

Humidifier – https://amzn.to/3jNWXcL

LED light-https://amzn.to/2NkxOtU

Nerdy thermometer and humidity – https://amzn.to/3791wJI

attractive long hair blonde girl in green dress at a greenhouse indoor gardener

What is Growth Mindset?

Believing that you can change the way you think to dictate the outcome of your life. Telling yourself you’re a badass over and over again. Forgiving yourself for when you mess up and learning from those mistakes.

Step one: I quit reading all the self-help books and actually started doing the work. Sometimes you can get so caught up in actually starting.

Step two: Released a podcast. Hired a wonderful graphic designer. && decided if people didn’t like me for being confident that was a representation of an insecurity within themselves.

Step three: Started a morning routine which you should listen and read about here.

Step four: [in progress] world domination

Growth mindset is understanding that its finally time to get therapy. I’ve read almost every famous self-help book and nothing beats a good therapy session. I started out going every single week and now I go every other week. I can’t express this enough, for those that know what an emotional hot head I can be therapy has been the best way to regulate my emotions.

When googling the most searched terms with growth they were found in the following order. Which, if you’ve been through anything that requires growth you will agree this is the path.

indoor gardening growth is painful quote with a purple background written by google popular search terms

Lastly on the agenda for 2021…

What is booty growth?

I love appreciating my body for getting me through a pandemic. I love that my body was able to adjust to work from home lifestyle. I’m even more happy that as I write this, I’m counting down the last couple minutes of work before I’m going to workout. Booty growth is about appreciating gaining strength instead of looking thin.

Booty growth has nothing to do with your butt and everything to do with how your shake your ass when you see yourself in the mirror.

Embrace that fun and carefree energy. If you really want to know what I after work, its dance around while cooking veggies.

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