Nucor Engineer to iOS Developer, advice on switching careers during COVID

Meet Mikaela, a graduate of Purdue University in Mechatronics. She tells us all about her career switch from working at a Steel Mill to becoming an IOS Developer. Mikaela has even designed and has two apps available in the App Store. 

Mikaela has an interesting background that stems from her interest and continuous desire of being curious. She has a degree in Mechatronics from Purdue University that allows her the ability to be agile and switch career paths.  As this podcast was being recorded Mikaela was switching careers. She discusses what the job search is like during COVID and how she created an app to help her search process! 

The host Megan and Mikaela dive into details about what its like to work at a Steel Mill. Learn about the term ‘arcing steel’ and the embarrassing moment of showing up with an interview in a skirt and having to change into men’s clothing for a walk, DURING THE INTERVIEW! Coincidentally, Mikaela’s first job is actually at the same place as Megan’s first internship. 

Job tracking App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/job-application-tracker/id1515625276

Find Mikaela! @mikaelacaron  https://mikaelacaron.com/

Gibbs Crew Trivia App: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gibbs-crew-trivia/id1497442790 

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Tips for how to get a job during COVID

How to find an IOS Developer Job: Tips from the podcast on how to switch careers during COVID

  1. Download the app Job Application Tracker

    Use this app to keep track of the status of your job applications as well as salaries and other details that will help you make a decision and stay focused.

  2. Work on something 7 minutes a day to learn a new skill

    Described in the podcast a technique used to keep learning new skills after working full time.

  3. Don’t Click the Easy to Apply Button

    On LinkedIn don’t be tempted to click the easy to apply button. Often times those are 3rd party websites. Go to the company’s website and find the job application.

  4. Have a LinkedIn

    If step three sounded unfamiliar to you, that probably means you need to get a LinkedIn. Now more than ever this is becoming a popular tool for recruiters.

  5. Believe in your unique skills

    Everyone has unique skills that they can bring to a team. Understanding what those skills are and how you can highlight them is an important part of promoting yourself in the interview process.

  6. Sign up for an independent study

    If you’re still in college sign up for an independent study that will enhance a skill that you need for a future career.

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