Doin’ Girly Things, Software Engineer Masters in Computer Information Technology

Urvashi studied Computer Information Technology at Purdue University

Doin’ girly things as a software engineer

Doin’ girly things as a software engineer for a life science company, Urvashi is working on instrumentation software development and a hands on experience with COVID response. As Urvashi has spent the last 10 years in the United States studying Computer Information Technology and falling in love with now fiancé.

Urvashi talks about the time she saw a colleague’s Instagram story using a device in the lab that she is actually programming!

Now living in Oregon

Oregon is such a beautiful state. The coast of Oregon is a breathtaking place. Before the interview Urvashi and Megan went on a roadtrip around the coast of Oregon.

In this episode, Urvashi talks about what it is like to major in computer science and have a career that requires you to learn about flow cytometry and how to run experiments.

All the devices that scientist and Drs are using requires software engineers! 

She got engaged!

Urvashi gives all to details about her latest proposal and what its like to do long distance dating. Believe it or not Urvashi has dated her now fiancé long distance for almost 4 years.

Topics discussed: 

  • What does a software engineer do everyday? What does SCRUM mean? (3:10) 
  • What it is like working on an international team? (9:30) 
  • How to find happiness wherever you live (13:00)
  • Challenges of being in a long distance relationship (15:00)
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