Doin’ Girly Things: Engineer to Doctor, becoming a doctor without premed.

How to change your career after you’ve graduated.

Join us for this episode of Doin’ Girly Things, where we are joined by another Purdue graduate, Priya. We discuss the interesting process of studying as a biological engineering major, to going to med school in the Caribbean.

Through talks about delicious cinnamon dolce lattes to life in medical rotations while waking up early in the morning, we get a deep dive into the switch that occurred in Priya’s life. 

What were the biggest changes?

  • Making new friends after moving multiple times can make it difficult to find stable relationships
  • The weather! From the 90° sunshiney weather in the Carribean to the freezing cold and snow in New York is a massive change
  • Losing someone special (not due to COVID, but during COVID times) and grieving with that pain should be openly discussed and not thought of as a “disease”

…Was it worth it?

Yes! Priya discusses how she has a passion for speaking to the family and the people that are being affected by healthcare complications. She openly welcomes questions and hopes that all of her patients feel safe and appreciated even through these tough times. 

Becoming a doctor guide

How to become a doctor after you’ve graduated

  1. Apply for med school and begin taking your exams

    Unfortunately there is no way to get around this step

  2. Make amazing friends to help you through the stress

    The key to success in school is find a core group of people to help keep you motivated.

  3. Stay focus and remain compassionate

    The best trait a doctor can have is compassion for the reason they decided to be a Dr. in the first place. Stay focused on the mission.

  4. Know when it’s time to take a break

    Don’t let yourself get burnt out.

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Is becoming a doctor easy?

No. There will be challenges but it will be worth it.

What becoming a doctor looks like?

Following doctors on IG is the best way to find the field that you are most interested in. Or volunteering in clinics to get experience.

Where to start becoming a doctor?

Start looking around at medical schools and the application deadlines. Once you get deadline in mind start STUDYING! MCAT time.

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