Grief: Best advice my mom gave me

This episode is a more heavy topic where Megan, the host, discusses grief and how to handle it after her mothers’ passing. Grief does not have to be just a “girly” thing, but it can be beneficial because tragedy is a motivator. Although it can make you give up, it can also be the passion that fuels your fire. 

Tips when your friend is going through a grief period:

  • Don’t go to them for comfort (it is hitting them harder than you probably)
  • Check up on them in a month/later so they do not feel alone
  • Help out with the little things (toilet paper, food, laundry)

Watching people potentially waste their lives by abusing drugs, alcohol, TV, and life, in general, makes it seem unfair for the lost souls who were doing something beneficial. But, Megan discusses how she learned that life is not fair and it was never made to be that way.

Repeat this: “You’ve survived a 100% of your worst days, and today is no different”

Best pieces of advice from Megan’s mother:

  • Passion! 
  • “A day wasted with the wrong man, is a day you won’t be with the right one”
  • Being generic and not wasting money/time

Books to help you:

Motherless daughter group hosted by Ace on the third Sunday of every month: *insert link*

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