About Me

Greetings! I’m an engineer with a passion for buildings and the environment. During the day I work as a Project Manager building a data center. Moving around every year has been the theme of my last three years. Currently residing in Portland, Oregon. I used to use this blog to document all my travels. I love to hike and explore vegetarian food wherever I go. Now I am using this page to help launch my podcast called Doin Girly Things. I have a passion for making engineering and construction seem like girly things to do. I want to cultivate a community that shares funny, inspiring and sad stories to let other women know they aren’t alone but also encourage others to join the STEM field.


This blog is also used to help me deal with the grief of losing my best friend and mother a year and half apart from two identical car accidents. My mother was killed when a driver crossed the center line causing a head on collision of over 50 MPH. My father was the only survivor of the accident.

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