Host of Construction Podcast – Doin’ Girly Things

Meet the podcast host Megan. A graduate of Purdue University she moved to the west coast to begin her career in construction. She started a podcast in January of 2021. The podcast has a passion for construction and inclusion issues. The names Doin Girly Things comes from a passion for making construction seem like girly things to do.

The podcast host lives in the Pacific Northwest working as a Project Manager building a data center. The industry is tough and women need support to stay in these positions. The best way to keep women in the industry is to create community! 

I want to encourage others to join the construction industry.

Listen to the host’s solo episode about why the podcast was created!

The podcast has a strong focus on construction related topics such as safety and hwo women ahve progressed through their careers and tips. The host is focused on promoting women’s workwear that is comfortable and fits. 

women in hard hat construction with a braid doin girly things

This blog is also used to help me deal with the grief of losing my best friend and mother a year and half apart from two identical car accidents. My mother was killed when a driver crossed the center line causing a head on collision and my father was the only survivor of the accident. Due to my type of construction job I move around and use this blog document all our travels together. 

Lastly, Interviews with NASA Scientist Jacob Torres. A colleague Jacob, works for NASA. His research includes topics about sending plants into space. Find episodes about his adventures on this podcast that are titled #spacefarming.

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